12/14/2009 10:51 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Magazines Won't Die, But Here Is Why I Love the Internet

Last week I wrote about why I believe magazines won't die. And it's still true. But ironically, writing that made me love the Internet even more. Here's why: Within minutes of posting, I had a nice email from the editor of Garden and Gun magazine. Then, four other blogs picked up my post. I checked Twitter and people were tweeting my blog like crazy--more than any other blog I've written before. After a day and a half I had more than 20 amazing comments from wonderful people--some of whom I know, many whom I don't. It was instant feedback. No waiting. I hit a nerve. I went viral (yet I didn't feel sick at all).

I've written for magazines many a time and to be honest, often it's like writing for a mystery audience that you may or may not ever hear back from, or get to know. Every so often I'll meet people and they'll say "Oh! I think I read something you wrote in some magazine and it was really good." But often they can't remember what it was or when they read it. The worst is when I meet people and they tell me that Organic Style (a magazine I launched and shut down a few years ago) was their favorite magazine. I think to myself--where were you when I needed you most? Although, honestly, there was nothing they could have done. But the truth is, the distance between a magazine writer and an audience is often, well...distant. Whereas the distance between a blog writer and an audience happens only if the audience never shows up (a blogger's nightmare, for sure.)

I still think magazines won't die. But I think the Internet is alive and well, too, and still has plenty of room to grow. The best thing is I don't really have to choose. I can love them both.

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