05/15/2013 08:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Post Mother's Day Poem

Happy Mother's Day
To mothers everywhere

We know that once they come out
There is no turning back
And that it all gets harder with age
Not easier
We know we'll never
Make them
Perfectly happy
All the time or even
some of it
But we will carry the weight of the blame
We know that our own needs
Will always come last
No matter how hard we try
To put them first
And when we do put them first
They want no part of it.
We also know
They will never quite understand
That a child's love
No matter how great
Is no substitute for a
Lover's love
And on that primal desire
There is no expiration date
No age limit.

We are
Our mothers' daughters
Our daughters
Are their mothers' daughters
And so on
And so on
The love
Knows no bounds
And yet it binds us

Happy Mother's Day
To mothers everywhere.

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