02/11/2013 09:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

So God Made an Organic Farmer

And on the Eighth day, after she had rested,
God remembered to make someone
To truly care for her creation.

So God made an organic farmer.

She shaped the living soil, and sculpted it with love
Then blew spirit and life into her body
To give her strength and perseverance
And love for the land.
And she was fertile and productive.
From her hands she created more
Organic farmers in many colors and of all sexes
And in every country of the world.
She breathed life
Into each of their souls to give them
Strength and perseverance and
Love for the land
Because she knew that
Not only will they have to
Wake up early
And go to bed late and bone tired every night,
But they would have to welcome fragile new life
And bury the dead with the same tenderness.
They would have to deal with whatever weather
May come or not come
Plant the seeds, manage the weeds,
Harvest the crops,
Care for the trees,
And feed the children and the hungry
Before they take care of their own needs.

And they will have to do it all
While people laugh and politicians abandon them
While others enslave them and rape them and steal
Their labor and food for their own riches and glory.

And God spoke:

There are those who call themselves farmers
Who destroy my precious living soil
Who pollute my waters
And fall prey to the false words
Of those promising to make their lives easier
And richer
For less work.
And in the bottomless pit of their craving for more
Will cause animals to suffer greatly, and destroy my fertility
And make children sick and sad
Out of ignorance and greed.
Forgive them anyway
For they know not what they do.
They are part of my flock
Who have gone astray.
But you, organic farmer,
Must not give up.
You will find them
And bring them home safely,
Because to you I have given
The wisdom of my secrets
That I am alive
And fragile
And desiring of your love
And protection.

You will see my happiness and joy
In each butterfly and bee,
Each blossom and autumn bounty,
Each clear and beautiful sky,
Each healthy laughing child who runs barefoot in my garden
And eats straight from my hands.
Organic farmer,
With your care
I am healed and happy
And in return
Will protect you and provide for you
Till the end of my days..."

So in the lonely dawn light
Organic farmers wake up each day
And begin again
To grow, to protect, to nurture, to heal,
To love the animals and respect the soil,
To feed the birds and the children and the hungry with
Safe and healthy food
And to help other organic farmers
And share their bounty with family and friends
So that the number of organic farmers
Can be fruitful
And multiply
With the knowledge that God is everywhere
And in everything, not to be dominated
And controlled
And destroyed
But to be loved
And only loved.

Which is why
God made an organic farmer
In the first place.



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