03/01/2013 08:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Girl Crush

by guest blogger Maya Rodale, author of smart and sassy romance novels

March is Women's History Month, but I say we celebrate the history that is happening right now (otherwise known as the present) by highlighting some of the outstanding women upon whom I have girl crushes.

The Urban Dictionary provides a few definitions of The Girl Crush:

An overwhelming sense of awe felt by a girl for another girl elicited by varying causes ranging from deep respect to unadulterated lust. May result in the any or all of the following: general euphoria, prolonged sense of inspiration, desire for intellectual intercourse with crush, simple sexual arousal, etc.


When a girl has a crush on another girl, but they don't wanna date them. It's more like they wanna be their best friend.

In case you were wondering, The Oxford English Dictionary does not offer a definition--I checked.

What I just love about the concept of the girl crush is that it isn't about being jealous of someone who has qualities you'd like to have. It's noncompetitive. It can be sexual, but it usually isn't. It's just nice...and after the backstabbing and drama of junior high, nice is just the thing.

I'm pretty sure we can all agree on the awesomeness of these ladies:

Girl Crush #1, #2, and #3: Tiny Fey, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph
In addition to being hysterically funny, they seem brainy (without making others feel stupid), they are pretty (without being done-up girls), and above all, they seem normal. They seem like the kind of girls you want to hang out with on a Saturday afternoon. When I need a quick pick-me-up, I google clips of their work just for LOLz.

Fun fact: This trio is the inspiration for the heroines in my next romance series, starting with The Wicked Wallflower.

Girl Crush #4: Hillary Rodham Clinton
The other day I literally made myself cry imagining Hillary being elected the first female president of the USA in 2016. Then I imagined my tweet about it, as one does these days. She exudes a no-nonsense competency and work ethic that make me feel better about everything. Like if she's in charge of something, we don't have to worry because she will work on it until the job is done. And then she has a sense of humor, as demonstrated by trumping the entire meme of Texts from Hillary.

Girl Crush #5: Sheryl Sandberg
Awe. She holds us all to a higher standard. She seems like the tough-love girlfriend who would probably say, "Just ask him out already! Ask for the raise! I don't care if you don't have anything to wear, come out with us!" Or, as she's more famously known for conveying, "Take a seat at the table, ladies. And when you get to the top, use your position to make it easier for everyone else to get there." I have preordered her book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. Obvs.

Girl Crush #6: Jennifer Lawrence
Because she tripped on the stairs in front of a billion people and said, "That was embarrassing" and moved on and accepted the Academy Award for best actress with a lovely speech. Also, she makes funny faces, talks about being starving, and when reporters ask her the stupidest questions after her Oscar win she gives sassy, flippant, and funny answers. Watch it here (along with 10 other reasons why she's the best).

It's quite possible that never before, in the history of the world, has there been such an array of high-profile women who are famous for things other than just looks or their love lives. This is an outstanding achievement. But the girl crush isn't confined to famous folks. Hopefully, we all know a few in real life, too.

Who are your girl crushes?



Maya Rodale is the author of multiple historical romance novels, as well as the nonfiction book Dangerous Books for Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels, Explained. She has a master's degree from New York University and lives in Manhattan with her darling dog and a rogue of her own. Her latest book is Seducing the Single Lady, a historical romance based on Beyoncé songs. Learn more at

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