06/25/2010 09:57 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Trout Cooked Over a Wood Fire

Who knows what is going to happen to our seafood-eating habits over the next decades, thanks to the Gusher in the Gulf. Fortunately, trout is a freshwater fish, and according to the excellent sustainable seafood guide put out by the Monterey Aquarium, it is totally good to eat -- farmed trout, too. (I know, it's all so confusing, but they make it simple--check out this regional guide to which fish to eat or not to eat.)

You can cook this recipe on a campfire with a cooking rack, or on a grill with some wood thrown on, but it couldn't be simpler: Take filleted rainbow trout. Place it skin side down on a hot grill (in a pan or directly on the grill, depending on what you have available; if you are using a pan, add some oil or butter so the skin doesn't stick). Don't turn it. Just let it cook until it's done. Hopefully, the skin will be nice and crispy. It doesn't take long at all. Make extra, because it's awesome cold for breakfast!

I know it seems crazy that all you need to do is lay it on a grill and cook it. Fresh trout doesn't need butter or oil (though you can put it on if you like). It doesn't need sauce. It might need a little salt. I know it's good because my kids devour it and always ask for more.

It's really the essence of my food philosophy: great fresh, seasonal ingredients (ideally, organic and local); doesn't-need-much-to-make-it-delicious, yummiful food. I've thought about taking up fly-fishing every once in a while, but to me, it seems crazy to catch a fish and let it go. If I'm going to catch it, I want to eat it, cooked over a wood fire. I am no vegetarian, as you know, but it seems a little cruel to put a hook through a fish's mouth just for fun. Now eating it, well, that's another story...not cruel at all!

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