08/13/2010 09:58 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Why I Love My Gynecologist

It's an awkward topic, I know. But I am so filled with love for her that I just have to share my thoughts. To me, she represents the ideal of what a doctor can be, and that's pretty important. Especially because, for us women, our gynecologist is the doctor we see most in our lives. She is with us for the most important moments (the birth of our children), and looks out for us in ways we prefer not to think about too much.

Here's why I love my gynecologist:

We talk.
I don't just talk to her, but she talks to me, too. We share personal information -- like our kids' potty-training issues -- and, well, lots of other stuff. My doctor seems genuinely interested in me and my health, and listens to my often bizarre and controversial thoughts and questions. Really listens. Without judgment.

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