10/31/2016 11:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Be Bright, Be Positive: How Small Changes Can Impact Our Life?


"No man ever steps the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man," said once a famous Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. Even though it has been pronounced a long time ago, this quote is still on the front burner today. It talks about the changing nature of things, and, for me, is also a representation of the preciousness of the moment, which will never be the same again, and the importance of accepting changes in life.

But more often than not, we might feel reluctant to change something in life, especially if we feel quite comfortable and are satisfied with what we have. And, thus, we can often ask ourselves: Do I need to change something in my life? Or should I leave it the way it is? What would those changes give me in return for my efforts? But asking such questions can be quite tricky, as reluctance to accept the changes in life can often leave to stagnation and can stand in the way of self-development, personal growth, and happiness.

At times, even small alternations in life can make a difference to the way we feel. Often there's no need for such radical change as quitting one's job or moving to a different country, - even changes in one's appearance might play an important role. Changing the way we look often brings positive feelings, - it's about transforming oneself into a different person and letting something new and bright enter the life, especially if we let all the stereotypes go and stay open for new things. For me, going from long hair to cutting it short, was a difficult decision, but, in the long run, short haircut expressed my personality more and helped me feel more in tune with myself. Now I am not afraid of making some radical changes in my appearance as this is often the first step of moving further in life. It's about having the courage to let your past go and stay open for new opportunities in the future. Dyeing one's hair, and, for example, choosing purple ombre hair color might be one of the options of making sudden changes to the way one looks and bringing some brightness into life. More often than not it's good to break with tradition and try something different in life, something that would make you feel free and happy.

Everything changes, day supersedes night, autumn comes after summer, and each day is always different. It's up to us to make every moment bright and unforgettable, no matter whether it's a sunny or rainy day outside. Changing one's look and being different, depending on how you feel at the moment, is one of the ways to follow the changing rhythm of nature. It's about expressing one's personality, one's worldview and one's true feelings. Letting oneself be different also speaks about the bravery of accepting who you are and speaking freely to the world about it.

Being versatile in life, staying true to one's feelings, having the courage to make some changes from time to time and not to be scared of them is quite important, as changes are part of the surrounding world and are quite necessary for everyone, especially during the 'rainy days.' Big or small, changes will always have a positive impact on one's well-being.