09/29/2016 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Can A Good Rest Help Us Become More Efficient at Work?


Why is it important to have a rest in life? Why can't we just work nonstop? Why do we spend money on having a cup of coffee in a café knowing that it's much cheaper to have it at home? Why do we 'waste' time on shopping, meeting with other people, going to restaurants, skiing, etc.? We would have much more time for our work, for learning some new things if we didn't spend it on other recreational things. But, for some reason, even if we realize that we don't have enough time for rest or some entertainment, we are still longing for it. Why is it so? Because, whether we like it or not, there's an inherent need for all the human beings to have a rest. We are not robots, and that's why cannot perform good quality work nonstop. We are created in the way that we need to rest; we need to have a good sleep to function well. But besides sleep, we require other types of recreation as well. Not only for the relaxation purpose, but also to 'reload' our brain and, thus, become more efficient at work.

Great ideas only come when we stop thinking about the dilemma we are trying to solve. Dmitrii Mendeleyev saw the periodic system he had been working on while sleeping. And there are numerous examples like this. Writers, artists can produce the most valuable piece of art after they get distracted from their daily work. The ideas can come not only in sleep but from some discussions, random conversations with different people. For someone working in an office, doing some creative work might give inspiration for implementing new business ideas. Changing activities or doing something a person loves will not only be helpful for a physical body but will also make the brain work more efficiently and productively.

Working too hard and too much is very stressful. Not having a rest or not getting engaged in some relaxing activities can even cause great exhaustion that might lead to a nervous breakdown or severe depression. And it's always better to prevent something from happening rather than deal with the adverse consequences. The same is true about the lack of positive emotions. Being under constant stress and not doing anything that brings positive emotions, will have a negative impact as well. Besides, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." A person with multiple hobbies and interests, a person who knows how to enjoy small things in life is always more interesting to talk to. And so, even when we don't feel like taking a rest from the work, it's always better to get distracted from the daily activities in order to perform better afterward.

Here are some of the ways for having a good rest and, as a result, getting more efficient at one's work and life in general.

First, the great idea is to find some hobby besides the work. It might not be easy, especially, if a person is not sure what he or she likes apart from the work. But it can all come in the process. It's worth trying to attend some courses, for example, in photography, design, pottery, foreign language studies, etc. In such a way, one can find out what he or she is good at and enjoys doing.

Meeting a friend and having a cup of coffee or dinner with him/her is a nice distraction from the work. Besides, social meetings and small talks have a very positive effect on one's general well-being. A nice conversation can even help make a right decision, especially if one trusts the friends and can share all the personal information with them.

The people, who start feeling slightly depressed, cannot stop working too much and are already very stressed at work, might enjoy social drinking or might even use recreational marijuana to relax, but, of course, it's possible only in the countries that legally allow it. These days the research shows that a small amount of marijuana is, in fact, beneficial, and, thus, more and more countries are moving towards the legalization or at least decriminalization of marijuana use, for medical or recreational purposes. Responding to the growing marijuana industry, there have appeared special shops selling quality seeds. One could even go online and choose the best marijuana seed banks based on the reviews. So, when it's legal, it's more controlled and is of high-quality and, thus, can be beneficial for stress relief.

Another way of taking some rest and clearing the mind is to listen to good music, to go to a concert, museum or theater. Culture is a great part of the society, and cultural activities can inspire us for doing something important in life. Cultural activities should never be underestimated as they have great power and act as a driving force for progress, both, individual and societal.

Rest is as important as food in our lives. Proper rest can relieve all the stress and tension and can help us become more efficient and creative at work. No matter what kind of rest one prefers, its value should not be belittled, as it is of great importance for our physical and mental health.