11/23/2010 11:30 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gems of Napa: Three Wineries You Should Get to Know

A trip to Napa usually entails hitting some of the big wineries for tours and tastings. Robert Mondavi is a crowd-pleaser, ditto Beringer, Gallo, and Krug. But for me, it was the smaller vineyards, and the lesser-distributed labels that blew my palate wide open. These are not wineries with glossy, souped-up tasting rooms. These are wineries that merely go about the business of producing small quantities of really terrific wines. Visiting these places and talking with their winemakers makes me want to pass on these gems as a service to my fellow wine aficionados. Hence, my three choices for Napa's best kept secrets.

Three Wineries You Should Get to Know