02/13/2013 05:08 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2013

5 Tips On How To Fall In Love On Valentine's Day

With Valentines Day on the horizon, you may find yourself depressed and without a date. It's disheartening to see couples coming together to show their love for each other when you are sitting home alone, eating chocolates -- and lonely.

I've found that the best way to attract new love into your life is to start by doing loving things for yourself.

Why not start on Valentine's Day? Below, I've compiled a list of 5 things that you can do for yourself on this day.

1) Buy yourself something really nice
Valentines Day is about love. However no one ever said that you couldn't buy something nice for you. Rather than waiting for someone else to buy you what you want, why not go do it yourself? Think about what you would want to be gifted by your ideal date and go buy it!

So what will it be? Flowers, chocolates, some nice negligee?

It may feel uncomfortable at first, but the first step in attracting a new relationship in your life is to become whom you want to attract. Loving yourself harder is a sure way to find someone to love you more quickly.

2) Do something you haven't done before
Use the day to do something really nice for yourself that you have never done on your own before. Just like with the gift, spoil yourself with going for a massage, sauna or even take yourself out for dinner. Why expect someone else to take you out for dinner, when you won't?

3) Get together with other single friends
If having dinner on your own is too daunting, then make a date of it with single friends. If most of your friends are still in relationships, see if spending time with them is a option. If you have been single for a while, take this opportunity to join groups where you can meet people who are single and who can becomes friends. Sometimes when a relationship ends, your social circle will change and it is important to venture out and attract a new social circle if you want to truly move on.

4) Create a love nest at home
If you don't want to go out or cannot, then create a love nest at home. Turn your environment into a place that makes you feel loved and gives you at feeling that love is in the air (with yourself). Light some candles, decorate the house with flowers, surround yourself with some loving music and immerse yourself in the beauty around you.

5) Do something nice for someone else
The power of giving is so powerful. Even though you may not feel your best, there are people who are worse off. People who are homeless or sick may need your help. Wouldn't it be amazing to give back to those that need it most on a day that represents love? Not only will it make you feel amazing, but you will be making a massive difference to those who you decide to volunteer the help for.

In short, Valentines Day can turn into a day of self-love and giving. Celebrate who you are and what you have got! As you do have a lot.

Marina is the author of Goodbye Mr Ex and the Founder of Divorceshift an organization that is known for nourishing women's souls after tragedy, leaving them feeling freed and transformed. To download a free chapter of her book go to