11/10/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mario to Joe Wilson: You Lie!!!

Mr. Wilson, you are a liar. Many are pointing out how disgraceful they believe your actions were last night as you pointed your finger at the President of the United States and shouted "you lie." I, however, will side with those who say that if somebody is lying , especially somebody in power , then they need to be called out on it. So, Mr. Wilson, I must say to you, "You are a liar." In fact, as I write this your pants are probably smoldering and if they are, you assuredly can smell the smoke because undoubtedly your nose has grown a number of inches since last night.

The president last night told the truth about the exclusion of undocumented immigrants from the health care bill. The fact that Obama was telling the truth makes you a double liar. Mr. Wilson, you accomplished the feat of being a double liar by number one, furthering the lie that the undocumented qualify for coverage when they are explicitly excluded and number two, by calling the president a liar while he was telling the truth. So you actually qualify for the term "Liar, liar" as in "Liar, liar, pants on fire."

Mr. Wilson, I understand that you had to scream out. The president was calmly dismantling the lies that you and others have created in order to thwart health reform. The lie that the undocumented can benefit in anyway from reform is a powerful one. It joins the specter of an action by an African American president to the hatred of immigrants that you and others have used as political currency. I have to admit that this combination makes for political dynamite and, of course, since you have no real ideas for health reform divisive lies may be the only tools at your disposal. Therefore, considering your weak and ethically compromised position, I can understand the visceral impulse to scream out like a wounded animal. But, Mr. Wilson, that does not change the fact that the statement that the undocumented can benefit from health reform is a lie, you know it is a lie, therefore you are a liar.

Mr. Wilson, your inability to suffer in silence as your castle of lies was dismantled in front of millions of people has in fact helped the cause for reform. You, Mr. Wilson, will be banished by your GOP colleagues who recognize a political liability when they see one. Your fellow Congressmembers will tell you to keep a low profile while no doubt you will be asked on every talk show imaginable. (By the way, I have asked my producer to contact you.) But while they will tell you that you need to step aside "only temporarily" they are lying to you. Mr. Wilson the truth is that you will be a political pariah for the foreseeable future. When your colleagues tell you to be a back bencher for only the "time being" look at how their eyes shift and notice how their breathing becomes shallow and you will see the same patterns that they have when they repeat their favorite lies about health reform.

Mr. Wilson, you will soon see that the currency of politics is trust. While you may be touted as a hero for screaming at the President of the United States by some, most of your constituents and colleagues will now always take your words with a bit of salt. That, Mr. Wilson, is no lie.

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