07/22/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

McCain Spokesperson Re: Denver Post : "I Don't Review Some of the Regional Media"

I wonder if Tucker Bounds will read this piece. Bounds, the rapid response prince of the McCain kingdom, told me last Friday that he doesn't read "regional press." Like every American I am from a region but this blog is read nationally and the topic, like every presidential race, intersects both. So Mr. Bounds may read this -- yet he may not. Maybe his secretary will put it in his email clips.

I was asking Bounds about the Denver Post article that claimed that McCain staff had directly been involved in requesting that people with protest signs be removed from a public area outside of an auditorium where McCain was holding court. While the "Town Hall" meeting was billed as an "open" event, Carol Kreck, let's say, had a different experience. Kreck, a 61 year old librarian, had the audacity to stand outside the auditorium with a sign that said "McCain = Bush." The McCain royal guard had her promptly harassed and finally removed.

My conversation with Bounds actually showed me what the McCain campaign thinks about folks outside the DC beltway. Mr. Bounds informed me that he was unfamiliar with the Kreck case as reported in the Denver Post because he doesn't read the "regional media." Mr. Bounds said, "I am the national spokesperson so I don't review some of the regional media." So I get it now, it all makes sense. The campaign that would like to run the entire country defines the national agenda by what's reported in the Washington Post and DC web news outlet Politico. So if Carol Kreck wanted to be treated fairly or at least receive an apology for being mistreated by the McCain campaign, she should have held that apparently horrific sign that insulted McCain by equaling him to Bush in some park among cold marble statues in Washington DC. The fact that Kreck held the offense in the "region" of Denver puts her outside the campaign's view for apology, but somehow placed her directly within its sights for harassment.

In the political maneuver made famous by the Bushies, McCain National Spokesman Tucker Bounds did his best to try to marginalize Carol Krecks' case by diverting attention to the conservative panacea of keeping the tax breaks going. I guess it's too much to honor the Constitution AND have a debate about the economy at the same time. Bounds said that my audience was more interested in tax breaks than the potential of abuse of power in the Kreck case. In fact Ms. Kreck, the hero librarian, may in fact have been talking about McCain's economic plan when she held the sign that said McCain = Bush for all Bounds and I know. (I didn't ask her about that when I had her on the show, but it does seem to fit.)

Bottom line: the McCain national spokesperson seemed bothered that I would call him at his desk at night to talk to him about the regional problem of a deaf librarian harassed by his own campaign. I remind Mr. Bounds and Mr. McCain that the "region" of Colorado really does matter this year, as do a number of other "regions" known as "swing states". In fact if you think about it: Carol Kreck is a woman, who is a senior citizen, who also lives in a swing state. In essence, McCain should care about what Kreck thinks. And my guess is after last week she is probably even more convinced that McCain = Bush.

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