05/30/2016 01:37 pm ET Updated May 31, 2017

Bill Nye - Before They Were Famous

For kids who grew up in the 90s the best times in school were when your science teacher wheeled out the TV and popped in a 'Bill Nye The Science Guy' tape. We may not have admitted it back then, but everyone LOVED the Bill.

As we grew up Bill Nye's Science Guy persona was phased out. We put those great science facts into the back of our minds, but Bill remained busy with his work on climate change awareness.

Now Bill Nye is back in the public eye and this time his science lessons are more grown up, but so is his audience. This generation of kids who grew up watching his antics are now in their late 20s and early 30s, many of which are working to change the world in their own right.

With the help of Nye's strong platform, supported by COLD HARD SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE, we can help to not destroy the entire planet. Bill Nye, and his colleagues, believe that climate change is solvable and that awareness is key. He's even taking his battle to the non-believers like Sarah Palin who thinks she's "as much of a scientist" as the Science Guy....


So if you don't want to live out the plot of Wall-E, you have to know that we can correct humanity's destruction course and stop climate change in it's tracks. As the man said himself, "Quit ya bitchin'; let's get to work."

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