09/12/2013 02:45 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2013

VH1's Somaya Reece Revamps La Jefa's Sultry Image and Signature Sound

Exceptionally fierce and driven, Somaya Reece has proven herself as a celebrity to watch. Since her appearance on VH1's Love & Hip Hop, Reece has been reinventing her image, sound and attitude to fit her new audience. Over two years have passed since LHH aired and I clearly remember meeting Reece's character and her struggle for the first time.

Scene opened and an aspiring rapper walked aimlessly through NYC with a sole suitcase and her dignity. Sleeping literally over a friend's studio forced her to start from the bottom and work to gain fame and notoriety. End of Season One: Mission Accomplished... Reece was viewed in more homes across the country than expected.

After one season on Love & Hip Hop, Reece had enough of the scripted drama. The one cast member who was spotlighted for her hustle landed enough opportunities during filming to walk away without hesitation. Focusing her energy on her career, Reece fled back to her native sunny home base and completely transformed into the California blond bombshell she is today. With luck in her pocket and family by her side, Reece jumped into a whole other level of self discovery. Finally committing to a breast reduction was the first step, "I had to pump myself with positivity. Honestly, The idea of scars freaked me out, I have enough to remind me of my battles." Reassured by her doctor, Reece's reduction was a success and big boost in her weight lost journey.

Now faced with strict dieting and a new active lifestyle, Reece has developed a whole new fan base by flaunting her Salvadorian curves on social media feeds. She has blogged about her transformation and has caught the attention of women hoping to share the same success. "I got brave and said I'm going to do it", Reece said "I couldn't believe how people responded!" Dropping nearly half her body weight has kept her on her toes and motivates her to continue to stay healthy and fit.

Keeping with the momentum, Reece is determined to raise the bar on her music career too. Her fresh twist of hip hop and Latin traditional sounds has yet to be categorized in the music industry but has created an opportunity for Reece to lead the way. She dreams of releasing an album but has committed to deliver quality singles in the meantime. Her priority is to record timeless music that represents her style and passion. "Descontrol" has proven to be a hit on MTV3 with her up-beat personality bleeding into her music and demanding you on the dance floor. Filmed in the Dominican Republic, Reece paired up with Jesse Terrero & Sway Mendes to deliver a unique video featuring island natives. She spits truth in her lyrics then lures you in with her smile. Working with reputable producers, laying out tracks and videos, Reece stays occupied as she builds her brand. "It takes time if you want something...especially if you want it to be right." Our conversation touched on all areas of her life but delivering quality music is her main concern.

Out of the studio, Reece has accepted new projects outside of her box. Although music is her primary focus she has now leaped into another venture in the cosmetic industry. Her gorgeous locks leave a lot to be desired and she has developed a way to give back to those in need of a quick fix. Developing a beauty line that would be fun and affordable, Reece has paired up with a company to help ladies reinvent themselves. "We are in the process of developing a hair accessory for woman to look their best and be fabulous." Reece's Rapunzel strands have become a part of her transformation and this product is another notch on her belt to success.

Just trying to stick to the scripted questions was difficult because this down to earth reality star crossed over the press line and got real with questions everyone wanted to know. I was humbled to hear her talk about her life off the camera and how paparazzi fever never fazed her. Speaking with her was like talking to one of the girls and far from what the cameras of Love & Hip Hop portrayed. I am all about the hustle and respect anyone who is working on their craft but really have to emphasize how genuine she was. After the spotlight is off and the dust settled, the person who survived the chaos stood alone. She took LHH as a learning experience and instead of ignoring the issues decided to revamp her image. She focused on herself and slowly developed a fan base by simply being herself. The voluptuous dark hair vixen on LHH is long gone. Her hunger to make it has her on the forefront of a successful career and landed her ultimately on the path to her true success.

Celebrating her tremendous weight loss, debut of her new singles and involvement in new project, Reece has declared a new lifestyle for herself. She motivated me throughout the interview reminiscing about how she came back from her turbulent past and reclaimed her worth. "We all have a past. We are not perfect. It just depends on how bad you want it." These words ring loud and clear as we watch her flash pictures of herself on our Instagram feed. "If I can do it, anyone can. It's all about the inner drive." Reece reminded me of her past filled with pain, self doubt and constant struggle, she is now focused on becoming a role model and bringing herself to a whole new level. "I want to be remembered for my positive actions." She has an incredible approach to her new found success and draws the attention of Hollywood's elite. Amongst the latest buzz, Reece has found love where she least expected. School girl giggles pierced through the phone as she spoke of her new boyfriend. Respecting a woman's privacy and allowing VH1's latest article to do all the talking, I will leave it at this...He makes her happy and she so deserves that. From beginning to end she inspired me to dream big, banish self doubt and believe. Somaya Reece is a force to be reckoned with and has only just begun. Self declared "La Jefa" this Latina is not only the boss but a powerhouse in the making. Watch out world cause she's coming at you, "I want kids, Love and a successful career. I want it all!"

"Donde hay gana, hay maña."

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