Served Fresh Delivers Quality Fashion and Controversial Conversations

At Served Fresh, tasteful designers craft delectable treats for hungry fashionistas inspired by urban news and trending topics. Their unique designs serve as walking billboards emphasizing important and distinct messages.
08/26/2014 05:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Similar to many Fashion enthusiasts, I often find most of the latest trends on social media. Celebrities help promote emerging clothing companies by tagging designers for exclusive garments not sold in stores. Fans groveling over special deliveries and intimate "Thank you" shout outs send search engines into frenzy as they buy out online catalogs desperately adding the latest must have's in their personal collections. I found myself victim to this as I scrolled down my Instagram and instantly needed, I stress needed, the iconic Diana Ross sweatshirt seen on Beyonce's personal stylist,Ty Hunter. Curiosity and a few clicks led me to "Served Fresh," not your ordinary t-shirt company, instead I was inspired and anxious to be clothed in their message.


At Served Fresh™, tasteful designers craft delectable treats for hungry fashionistas inspired by urban news and trending topics. Their unique designs serve as walking billboards emphasizing important and distinct messages. Limitless to concepts, they conceptualize themes by tuning into reality TV, news, social media and by every day people. Offering quality material, top notch service (by far the best customer service I've ever dealt with), while following through with a trendy bakery theme. They have not only set themselves apart but reinvented the graphic tee. I ventured out to their Long Island show room to sit with the bakers themselves as they prepared production on a new collection.


Arriving at the bakery headquarters was as exciting as receiving my first package. After scheduling my appointment I was gifted with the three knock- top secret location details and anxiously waited for the day. Upon arrival it was clear that this was a special opportunity and I was now amongst the elite to enter the t-shirt culture. Crisp white walls with matching furniture and meticulously folded t-shirts set the tone for their chic, urban and funky sales area. Immediately tuning the large flat screen to CNN, they prepared themselves for direct inspiration. As the basic questions were answered, they oozed pride and excitement about the brand. I equally felt enthused. Growing from a concept in September 2012 to developing into a full blown company in December 2013, Served Fresh™ has not disappointed. With an eye for fashion, they have consistently created tees that stand out and speak to today's generation.
Originally crafting their line around a donut, Served Fresh™ was designed to emulate a bakery theme. Although they do not sell food, the clean lines and underline message was similar; stay fresh, new, appetizing and enticing. Similar to culinary delights, the idea was to deliver while the ingredients were still fresh, in this case media headlines. Once they sold out in any particular design, they moved on to the next trending batch. Genius! No stale leftovers and many hungry stylists! The team's spontaneous and unique styles have grown from a signature line to a fully custom one stop shop.


I do have to stress, while sitting across from the brains of the operation, I was emotionally beside myself with their story and how they've touched so many people with their garments. How a simple crew neck can impact voters during election season, basketball fans during the Donald Sterling charade or the true heavy hitter- the controversial Trayvon Martin case. With tears streaming down my face, they shared their epiphany during the Martin verdict.


Trayvon, who was murdered by a local neighborhood watch coordinator, was just seventeen years old when he was walking home and killed. In front of a nation his murderer was convicted not guilty and released. This inspired the noteworthy design including 17 Things Trayvon will never experience. With proceeds from sales donated directly to the approving Martin family, blood stains and angelic statements clothed a nation pleading for justice. I could barely catch my breath while they read the childlike thoughts any parent dread to hear. "I will never be able to tell my side of the story. I will never be able to ask my killer 'why'? I will never vote against gun violence. I will never attend college. I will never have a family. I will never hug my parents again. I will never see 18." With this I reiterate Served Fresh™ is not your ordinary t-shirt company.

Adding to their remarkable collection of clever quotes and controversial subjects, they have paired up with influential celebrities to deliver fashionable collaborations. Delicia Decordon redesigned the infamous 'Tale of Two Cities' shirt which features East coast's notorious B.I.G and iconic west coast's Tupac. This shirt was intended to flatter a woman's physic. A few hints of bandana print helped transform the culture classic to a fitted dress and has grown popular for a new generation of hip hop fans.

Loyal to the founding fathers of rap, world renowned Artist, "Hash" Ashish Patel, used lyrics to sketch the poetic legends of yesteryear. My favorite aspect is how they intricately utilized the skills of the Served Fresh™ designers to help reconfigure the Brooklyn Bridge.

New to the roster is Love & Hip Hop personality, Tahiry Jose who used Instagram as a tool to incorporate fans in finalizing her design. Tahiry's background in Criminal Justice, entrepreneurial pursuits, philanthropy work and business have pinned the Dominican beauty as not only a role model but drop dead gorgeous design.
Although it's impossible to predict sales, they wanted to create something for famed rapper Fabulous since being longtime fans, "We wanted to pay tribute to someone who is still alive and impacting our culture. Cuffin Season was a perfect outlet for us." Never imagining how the design could affect sales, the "La Marina" shirt was released and has since been nearly impossible to keep in stock.
Moments after our interview, the ultra talented artist, Brian Kirhagis walked in holding the massive canvas of 'The Ghost of Hottentot Venus'. As the collaboration between him and the mastermind's at Served Fresh™ were about to kick off we joked about having dinner. Since launching his designs and the immediate success of his "BK" line...I apparently owe them all a lot of pasta!

Opening their doors to inspiration and reinventing their concept will keep Served Fresh™ the brand with purpose. "People don't look to us for fashion, but as a brand that sells a consistent and positive message." Longevity is in the recipe as long as their hearts are in the work and my assumption is that t-shirts are just the tip of the iceberg for these designers. As Bow Wow, Rae Holiday, Po Johnson, Mack Wilds and so many more continue to strut in their latest threads, shirts will continue to sell out. Leaving a legacy will follow considering they have what it takes to stand the test of time, very similar to the infamous G's, LV's and double C's, except they are providing a canvas encouraging international conversations and more importantly creating awareness.


Since receiving my bakery inspired package, I anticipate wearing my shirts more than I expected. The message I wear across my chest reflects my beliefs, my friends, and my footprint in society. I challenge you the next time you buy a t-shirt; ask yourself "What does this say about me?" Does it express your views, opinion, or concerns? Or is it overpriced and simply cute?

Take a number...what's hot out the oven will be Served Fresh soon!

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