07/10/2009 05:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bob Groves: Free At Last! ('Outliers')

Roll Call (gated) identifies Shelby and Vitter as the Republican senators that placed the mysterious "hold" on the confirmation of Robert Groves as Census director.

TPM reports that Reid plans to file for cloture on Groves.

Gary Langer says that Shelby and Vitter's objection has been "addressed" and a vote scheduled for Monday.

Gallup traces Obama's July decline in approval to independents (more by video); sees the Democratic party ID edge narrowing.

Ben Smith asks pollsters about independent voters and Obama approval.

Sarah Dutton compares perceptions of Bill Clinton and Obama on health care.

Ezra Klein ponders health care reform's "public support problem."

Kristen Powers endorses a Third Way/Benenson survey that recommends "stability" as a winning message for health care reform (via Kaus).

John Sides summarizes blog reactions to the Johnston/Thorson "Palin Effect" theory.

Andrew Gelman charts Republican vote in 2008 by age, education and race/ethnicity.

Chris Bowers argues that "extreme" ideology groups feel more left out than the "middle."

Mark Penn says 10% unemployment will be a "tripwire" for Obama.

Mark Murray asks, what if Obama's numbers improve this summer?

Mark Mellman and Mike Murphy talk about what Democrats will do with their 60 Senate votes.

Tom Jensen finds a lot of Virginia voters like both Deeds and McDonnell.

C-SPAN polls Americans on their knowledge of the Supreme Court (via Political Wire).

Michael Frank parses Rasmussen's Sotomayor tracking.

The Pew Research Center releases a major new survey on Science, Scientists and the media.

Christian, Dimock and Keeter post their AAPOR paper on the geographic fuzziness of cell phone surveys.

Reg Baker questions the reliability and representativeness of internet panel surveys (via Mokrzycki).

And The Onion demos an innovative "dial meter" application (via HuffPo):

New Live Poll Allows Pundits To Pander To Viewers In Real Time