12/24/2009 07:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Christmas Eve 'Outliers'

Gallup says 78% identify as Christian.

ABC News asks the country what it wants for Christmas.

Rasmussen finds 66% rate Christmas our most important holiday.

Zogby finds 39% less in the mood to celebrate the holidays this year.

The Marist Poll finds 23% have no problem with re-gifting.

And in non-holiday news...

Frank Newport reacts to David Axelrod's comments on health care polling.

Mark Mellman does not expect a health care bump.

Bruce Drake says health care polls don't tell the whole story.

Michael Barone compares health reform to the Kansas Nebraska Act.

Chris Bowers thinks it's obvious when Lieberman's favorable rating took a hit.

The Census Bureau releases new population estimates; Rich Cohen and Reid Wilson have more in the likely impact on Congressional reapportionment.

Dale Kulp, rest in peace.

Some housekeeping notes: Emily and I will be taking some time off next week, so the pace of blogging and updates will slow considerably here until after the New Year. Hopefully, the pace of poll releases will slow as well. I will update the Obama job approval chart to the extent that the daily trackers release new data (Gallup Daily, for example, did not update today and will not update again until Saturday), and post roundups of new releases and 'outlier' links as warranted. Happy Holidays to all!