12/24/2008 01:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Christmas Eve "Outliers"

Gary Langer offers a requiem for a fallen comrade, the Los Angeles Times poll, dead at age 31.

Mark Murray reports on another debriefing by McCain pollster Bill McInturff.

NPR reviews public opinion on single payer national health insurance.

Jennifer Agiesta looks behind the Post/ABC job loss numbers.

Jon Cohen finds support for the popular vote rather than the electoral college.

The Pew Research Center shows the Internet overtaking newspapers as a news source.

Curtis Gans (PDF) releases the CSAE turnout report (via Hotline On Call)

Swing State Project is crowdsourcing results from the presidential race by congressional district (via Jensen).

John Sides graphs corruption by state -- which state is #1?

David Hill sees little chance for the GOP to leverage the Blagojevich scandal.

Mark Mellman plays the economic anxiety Grinch.

Survey Practice looks at how interviewers view race matching, a British analysis of the American Elections, audio recording in in-person surveys and more.

Aleks Jakulin points to a Slashdot review of a "manga" comic book* about statistics, Andrew Gellman is underwhelmed. *See AySz88's comment.