01/16/2009 06:58 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Really, Really Cold in DC "Outliers"

Ben Smith quotes David Patterson saying he pays no attention to polls on Caroline Kennedy.  

Kathy Frankovic reviews the highs and lows of the Bush's approval rating.

Gary Langer condemns online, opt-in panel surveys.

PPP looks at how high African-American turnout impacted races in North Carolina, teases new polls in Ohio and NC next week.

Mark Mellman advises Democrats to deliver.

David Hill is surprised that Jeb Bushed passed on the Senate race.

David Winston warns Barack Obama that honeymoons don't last.

Michael McDonald reports that 30% of all votes in the presidential election were cast early.

Andrew Gelman says state-by-state vote swings aren't what they used to be.

Brendan Nyhan reports yet more evidence of the experimental revolution.

David Brown assesses the threat posed by cell phones to health surveys (via Agiesta).

SurveyUSA reports 9% of the State of New York planning to "go to Washington for the inauguration."