12/15/2008 04:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fiddlesticks "Outliers"

Dilbert (above) does cell phones and surveys.

Mike McDonald posts his final 2008 turnout rates based on official or certified votes for president (131.2 million adults or 61.6% of eligible adults - via AP, The Page ).

Gary Langer sees Iraq as the "prime agent" in the Bush's historic unpopularity.

Mark Mellman ponders what happened in Indiana

David HIll urges Republicans in Texas, and elsewhere, to say "howdy" to non-Republicans.

John Harwood talks to campaign pollsters and ponders Obama's rising approval amidst bad news.

Chris Bowers offers six reasons why Obama's popularity is "remarkable."

PPP"s Tom Jensen has developed remarkable powers.

Carl Bialik digs into the meaning the "probability of precipitation."

and (overlooked a few weeks back), Gary Andres find support for means testing Medicare (in a survey sponsored by the Coalition to Advance Healthcare Reform)