07/21/2009 04:02 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Congratulatory 'Outliers'

Gallup shows Obama approval trending downward in the second quarter, but still "exceeding the historical averages" for presidents since Truman.

USA Today produces an interactive graphic allowing historical comparisons of Gallup's job approval numbers.

Gabriel Winant has more on how Obama compares to past presidents (via Tucker).

Giovanni Russonello finds 40% support for Sotomayor among conservatives (more from Agiesta, Cillizza).

Karlyn Bowman looks broadly at public opinion on the Supreme Court.

Jennifer Agiesta digs deeper into Obama's shrinking approval on health care.

Steve Benen ponders what the ABC/Post health care approval numbers do not say.

Ed Kilgore thinks the Democrats '94 defeat was about more than health care.

PPP sees a Republican lean to independents.

Ruy Teixeira argues that demographic shifts spell the end of the culture wars (with more in an interview by Tom Schaller).

John Sides links to a paper showing that income does not affect attitudes about free trade.

Norman Geras asks whether policy makers should heed polling results in the conduct of a war (via Appel).

Richard Wolffe says Obama's internal polls show him doing "really well" in Michigan.

Justin Miller wants Ron Paul included in GOP 2012 horse-race polls.

And our best to Margie and Julian!