10/28/2009 02:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

H1N1 'Outliers'

Teagan Goddard and Andrew Sullivan wonder what country Rasmussen Reports is polling; Scott Rasmussen responds.

David Hill reviews the Gallup ideology trends.

Jennifer Agiesta examines the Obama factor in the Virginia governor's race.

Mark Mellman says what's controversial with voters on health reforms is not with lawmakers, and vice versa.

Glen Bolger and Jim Hobart recommend an economic message for Republicans.

Resurgent Republic quarrels with CNN/ORC's cap and trade question wording.

Nate Silver lampoons a misleading Zogby question.

Jim Geraghty ponders divergent polls in New Jersey.

Alan Reifman tracks health care interest with Google Trends.

Megan McArdle explores polling mysteries.

Salena Zito polls opinion polls and finds Americans fed up (via Reynolds).

Jessica Hagy says is it all (via Flowing Data & Sullivan):


P.S.: I'm a bit under the weather with a bug bearing a strong resemblance to H1N1. Hopefully back to full speed soon.