07/02/2009 04:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Happy 4th of July "Outliers"

The Kaiser Family Foundation rounds up polling on how to foot the bill for health care reform.

Scott Keeter and his Pew Research Center colleagues review the perils of polling in election 2008.

Stu Rothenberg reviews the perils of reporting on polls.

Carl Bialik considers the limitations of Benford's Law in hunting vote fraud (more on his blog).

Andrew Gelman shares his final thoughts on the Iran vote analyses.

Alex Bratty sees signs of Obama buyer's remorse among independents.

Gary Andres says perceptions of risks will matter more than perceived benefits in health care reform.

Ruy Teixeira argues that Republicans are out of touch on health care.

Mark Mellman says Republicans will pay for opposing clean energy.

David Hill likes contested primaries.

Ben Tulchin sees Gavin Newsome gaining after Antonio Villaraigosa drops out of the CA governor's race.

Greg Sargent notes Republican division on Sotomayor.

Tom Jensen thinks automated surveys are picking up more Sotomayor opposition.

Chris Weigant updates his Obama Poll Watch charts.

John Sides faults Charles Blow for succumbing to an ecological fallacy.

Haaretz reports a new poll showing Hamas popularity falling among Palestinians (via Crowley).

Research Rants reminds web researchers to test their surveys.

Gary Locke taps three Census Bureau veterans to serve as part time advisors.

Survey Practice releases its June issue -- so you can spend the long weekend catching up on the optimal number of scale points for attitudinal questions.

And an Andy Borowitz parody comes disturbingly close to the truth.