09/01/2008 05:45 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Internal" Measures of Change on the CBS Survey

The just released CBS survey we posted a few minutes ago is one of the first of the post Democratic convention polls to include extensive "internal" measures on perceptions of the candidates. If you want to get beyond the ongoing obsession with convention bounces, the CBS results pdf is worth reading in full.

Most useful within in are the measures that show the biggest changes since the pre-convention CBS poll conducted in mid August. Some examples:

  • 50% say Obama "has made it clear what he would do as president;" up 9 points (from 41%)
  • 58% say Obama is "tough enough;" up 10 points (from 48% in July)
  • 67% of Obama voters say they "enthusiastically support" him; up 19 points (from 48%) before the convention
  • 37% rate Joe Biden favorably; up 23 points (from 13%)
  • 41% rate Michelle Obama favorably; up 13 points (from 28%)
  • 52% rate Hillary Clinton favorably; up 7 points (from 45%)

At the same time, several measures show little or no change since mid-August:

  • 39% rate Obama favorably; unchanged since mid-August

  • 44% say Obama has "prepared himself well enough for the job of president;" unchanged since mid-August
  • McCain's ratings are unchanged; from 34-33% favorable/unfavorable in mid-August to 35-34% now.

  • 48% say McCain "will generally continue George W. Bush's policies;" up only one point (from 47%). 

Tune in again next week to see how the Republican convention alters perceptions of McCain and Obama.