11/02/2006 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

MT Senate: Moves to Toss-up

Two pieces of housekeeping: First, our latest update of the charts and scoreboards moves the Montana Senate race to the toss-up category. The new Reuters/Zogby poll showing Democrat Tester up by just a single percentage point confirms a recent Rasmussen poll showing Tester ahead by just three points. These two new polls help pull Tester's lead over Republican Senator Conrad Burns to just 3.2% on the last five public polls, just enough to move Montana to the toss-up category.

Second, those who watch this site closely have noticed the lag between updates of our "most recent polls" box and the charts. Until today, our charts and tables have updated infrequently, sometimes only once a day. The reason is largely technical (and not worth attempting to explain), but from now until the Election Day we are committed to far more frequent updates - hopefully at least three updates a day. Also, by popular demand, we will try to post updates like this one on the blog when our categorization of a race changes.