03/01/2007 04:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Time Poll Confirms Post/ABC

Time has a new
national survey out today (article,
SRBI release & results)
that includes 2008 primary match-ups for both the Democrats and Republicans. It
shows Rudy Giuliani's widening his lead over John McCain and the rest of the
Republican field, while Hilary Clinton's lead over Barack Obama and other
Democrats shrinks. These overall results are remarkably similar to those reported
in the poll released yesterday by The
Washington Post
and ABC News.


Also, the Time survey appears to confirm the result from
yesterday's Post/ABC release showing a much tighter Democratic
race among African Americans. Although the SRBI release provides not
specific results (nor comparable numbers from their previous poll), it states
that "blacks split about evenly between Clinton and Obama."

Keep in mind that surveys conducted by
the Washington Post/ABC News and CBS News in December
or January showed Clinton
leading Obama by roughly
among African-Americans. Now we have three polls conducted over
the last 10 days (including a Zogby survey noted by
Pollster readers yesterday) that show a much closer contest among African-American

Like the Post/ABC survey,
Time also picked up a large increase in awareness of Barack Obama among all adults
in just the last month:

Barack Obama is becoming more
visible to voters as seen in the +14 increase in those who say they know
"a great deal" or "some" about him since late January (51%
in late Jan. vs. 65% in late Feb.)

Similarly, the Post/ABC
survey showed a nine point increase over the last month in the percentage of adults
who could rate Obama (rising from 74% to 83%), with virtually all of that
increase coming in his favorable rating (up from 45% to 53%).