08/08/2008 05:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Olympic "Outliers"

Kathy Frankovic reminds us that despite "record levels of participation and interest...voters may be doing other things in July and August."

Mark Mellman sees the din of poll analysis drowning out an opportunity to educate.

Lydia Saad explains why the election is not just about Obama and why McCain is keeping it close.

John Sides reminds us that the forecasting models predict a close election.

Nate Silver examines whether Barack Obama has been "underachieving."

Jennifer Agiesta compares low-wage workers interviewed in cell-phone-only households with those from land-line telephone households.

Frank Newport says religious affiliation remains an important predictor of vote choice

Todd Domke reviews the factors that will make for unpredictable polls in 2008.

Andrew Gellman shows that from 1948 to 1992, the popular vote showed little "bias" in it relationship with electoral votes (and links to a paper finding much the same in 2000 and 2004).

Tom Jensen identifies the "tipping point" for Obama in North Carolina African American turnout.

Craig Garthwaite and Tim Moore [pdf] say Oprah Winfrey was responsible for "an additional 1,000,000 votes" for Barack Obama (via John Sides).

David Hill chides GOP consultants for second guessing the McCain campaign.

Jay Cost dives deep into the Pennsylvania numbers.

Josh Goodman has a polling wish list.

The New Yorker's Bruce McCall has the latest from the all-important New Orleans Times-Picayune/Bravo/Popular Mechanics poll..and more!

And from our regular contributors...

Charles Franklin compares polling trends in 2000, 2004 and 2008

Margie Omero finds Barack Obama's support from women anything but "lackluster."

Steve Lombardo says the race is closer than you think.

Kristen Soltis makes a case for weighting by party.

David Moore and guest contributor Nick Panagakis continue to debate how to best measure "undecided."