12/18/2007 04:58 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Outliers for 12-17

Roger Simon has a must-read review of the Iowa entrance poll planned by the networks.

Mickey Kaus would rather they didn't.

The Caucus graphs the television advertising totals from Iowa and New Hampshire through November (via Martin).

Evan Tracey reports the first $1 million day in television ad spending.

Michael Whitney has yet more on the efforts by the Clinton campaign to surveys its donors online.

The Wall Street Journal's Kaufman and Bauerlein see an "unexpected ripple effect" of Barack Obama's improving poll standing on his standing among African Americans nationally.

Steve Kornacki explores the parallels between the Democratic race in 2008 and the Mondale-Hart race in 1984 (via Smith).

Jim Geraghty wonders what happened to the New Hampshire Attorney General's push-poll investigation.

David Hill thinks Mike Huckabee might just be that "new person" that voters tell pollsters they are looking for.

Anthony Salvanto considers whether "all the polling done" in Iowa may be helping drive up Huckabee's numbers nationally.

Mark Mellman thinks Rudy Giuliani can still win the nomination, with Huckabee's help.