"Outliers" for 12-7

12/08/2007 03:29 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The New York Times' Megan Thee looks at the challenge to telephone poll sampling posed by cell phones.

My neighbor Joel Achenbach blogs on political polls as only Joel Achenbach can. Don't miss his discussion of "squishiness bias."

Carl Bialik takes a more serious look at the term "statistical tie" and finds that some pollsters (including yours truly) prefer to avoid it.

Frank Newport posts "ten things Americans think about Mormons and a Mormon president."

The Pew Research Center finds that 4 out of 5 likely caucus goers in Iowa say they have receiving recorded phone calls from the campaigns.

First Read's Aswini Anburajan goes to Nielsen "to get ratings and demographic information on just who watches Oprah Winfrey" in Iowa, South Carolina and the nation.

Dante Scala has evidence of a coming Huckabee media buy in New Hampshire.

Compete (a web analytics company) has posted an Election 2008 Data Hub that allows comparison of candidates by their web traffic (via Swampland).

John Distaso and Tom Fahey have the latest on the criminal investigation being conducted in New Hampshire into survey calls that allegedly conveyed negative information about Mitt Romney.