04/09/2008 11:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Outliers" for April 9

David Hill ponders the fall of Mark Penn and the reasons why "pollsters are the red-haired stepchild of politics when it comes to holding truly significant roles in major presidential campaigns."

Karen Tumulty chronicles Penn's demotion and recalls a forgotten tidbit from 1999.

Jason Horowitz reports on Penn's post demotion status.

Peter Feld says Penn's "biggest lapse" was a "failure to correctly apply his signature approach, the creative segmenting of the electorate."

Penn's Facebook application has few fans.

Mark Mellman lists the mistakes of the Clinton campaign.

Andrew Kohut considers how voters feel about the Democratic candidates, and how the candidates make the voters feel about themselves.

Brian Schaffner compares the question text and demographics of three Pennsylvania polls.

Frank Newport lists the countries that approve of political leadership in the U.S.

Carl Bialik takes an informal poll of pollsters on the recent Harris Interactive online survey on cell phones.

And James Fowler finds a Colbert bump (via Monkey Cage)