12/05/2008 05:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Outliers" (Including One About Outliers)

The Minneapolis Star Tribune lets you do your own Franken-Coleman recount (via Fairbanks). Seriously. This is well worth the click.

Gary Langer reviews the ABC News results on the automaker bailout.

Andrew Gellman explains the economic models that predict presidential elections (and then adds more).

Christopher Beam looks for evidence that we are a "center-right nation."

Carl Bialik reports on yet another John Ziegler survey.

Brietbart TV's B-Cast interviews Ziegler and his "fiercest critic" (via Silver).

PPP wraps up the polling on the Georgia runoff.

Mark Melman says watch wealthy Americans, voters under 30 and Latinos.

David Hill summarizes what the Republicans need and makes an RNC chair endorsement.

Chris Bowers gets his polling fix and counts himself among those disapproving Obama's performance.

David Pogue questions the ubiquitous Consumer Reports ratings graphic.

And finally, "Outliers!" The version that, unlike this one, fetches its author a six figure (or larger?) book deal.