10/08/2009 10:40 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Outliers?' Whatever!

Marc Ambinder reports on how the Democrats won the data war in 2008, posts the after action report from Catalist and a summary of what SEIU learned from its efforts.

John Sides sees similarities in the Catalist report to political science research on voter turnout.

Gary Langer reviews the evolution of attitudes on the Afghanistan War.

Bruce Drake rounds up Obama approval by state.

Chris Weigant updates his Obama job approval watch.

Nate Silver weighs in on New Jersey.

Chris Good takes issue with Bobby Jindal on public opinion on health reform; Mickey Kaus takes issue with Good.

Andrew Sullivan highlights a global branding survey that shows the U.S. as most admired; David Frum thinks its a silly survey; Sullivan responds.

Jonathan Singer uses new SurveyUSA numbers in Minnesota to smack back at Rasmussen.

David Hill thinks the H1N1 vaccination drive could use a pollster.

Alex Bratty shows that Republicans are behind the 2009 increase in interest in politics.

Brent Seaborn charts the shifts in party identification.

Tom Jensen is bullish on Beau Biden against Mike Castle.

Dana Stanley reviews a new iPhone survey application.

Josh Marshall catches Chris Christie making an odd polling reference.

And to the latest Marist poll release we say, "whatever."

(And a note: Blogging will be a little slow through the weekend as I cover for Emily on poll updates. She is taking some time off for a family commitment. We'll be back up to full speed next week).