12/10/2009 09:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stewart on Fox & Friends' Fuzzy Math

Ordinarily, I might save this clip for the "outliers" feature, but this one won't wait.  Jon Stewart discovers some poll numbers mentioned on Fox and Friends that don't quite add up:

And if you think that clip is impressive, wait until a little after the 1:00 mark on this one from October (via Media Matters)

Update (12/11): Politico's Michael Calderone explains the error in the Fox graphic first flagged by Media Matters.  The 59% labeled as "somewhat likely" was really the total of "very likely" and "somewhat likely."  A correct labeling would have been either "total likely," "very + somewhat likely" or "at least somewhat likely."


Calderone includes this reaction from Fox News:

But Lauren Petterson, executive producer of Fox & Friends, told
POLITICO that she sees no error in the graphic. And for that reason,
there will be no reprimand of staff under the "zero tolerance" policy.

"We were just talking about three interesting pieces of information
from Rasmussen," Petterson said. "We didn't put on the screen that it
added up to 100 percent."


While Petterson maintains that Fox & Friends didn't err in
displaying the information from Rasmussen, she acknowledges that the
presentation wasn't perfect. "The mistake I do see is we could have
been a little clearer here," she said.