07/14/2009 04:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon 'Outliers'

John Sides responds to Conor Clarke's proposal to "get rid of polls."

Glen Bolger reminds us that most Americans are not following the Sotomayor confirmation.

Bob Schieffer offers his take on Obama's falling approval ratings.

Gary Andres finds hope for Republicans on Rasmussen's issue comparatives.

Tom Jenses sees little cross-over potential for Palin.

Steve Benen puzzles over a CNN question about Barack Obama smoking.

Nate Silver looks at the Hutchinson vs. Perry Republican primary for governor in Texas.

Simon Jackman charts Franken's first 12 roll call votes and finds him "left of the Democratic median" (Sides has more).

Steve Singiser considers the tough numbers for Democratic candidates for governor.

Chris Bowers sees public support for a surtax on wealthy Americans to fund health care reform.

Christina Davidson reviews the methods -- and limitations -- of the Department of Labor survey that determines the unemployment rate (via Sullivan).

Michelle Bachmann and Ted Poe introduce a bill to sharply curtail the information collected by the U.S. Census.

Mike Huckabee conducts an automated "survey" on abortion in Iowa.

The DNC is hiring data analysts (via Lundry).

DC-AAPOR sponsors a panel on pre-election polling next week (including yours truly).