02/07/2007 05:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Update: Gallup on Giuliani's Social Views

An update on my post
last week on a new USA
/Gallup poll that tested awareness of Rudy Giuliani's positions on social
issues among Republicans: Today, Gallup
released their own analysis
of the questions mentioned briefly in last week's article
by USA Today's Susan Page that
provides the complete text of the questions.

The Gallup
analysis includes one added bit of detail about the question that asked
Republicans how they would react knowing that "Rudy Giuliani supports civil
unions and is pro-choice on abortion." They tabulated the results among those currently
supporting Giuliani on the Republican primary vote preference question:

Of those favoring Giuliani in the
two-way match with McCain, a little over one-third say they would either rule
out voting for Giuliani entirely (10%) or be less likely to support him (25%)
as a result of knowing his positions on abortion and same-sex civil unions.

The analysis also included the full text of questions probing awareness
of Giuliani's positions on abortion and civil unions for same sex couples. Actually,
Gallup asked
the same questions about both
Guiliani and John McCain, and in each
instance an overwhelming majority of voters are unsure of the candidate's position:


The results above should not surprise, although it is worth
remembering that Gallup asked these questions of all Republicans and those independents who say they "lean"
Republican, making no attempt to select likely primary voters. While the smaller population of Republican primary voters is
probably better informed, the difference is likely one of degree. Primary or
not, most voters know little about the issue positions of even the best known