01/03/2008 07:33 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Waiting for Results "Outliers"

As we wait for early returns, here are some Iowa and New Hampshire related items overlooked from earlier today:

Gallup posted two reports on the impact of Iowa and New Hampshire today. One summarized historical data on how the early primaries influenced national polls (report, video). The second reviews how Americans react to hypothetical upset results in Iowa and New Hampshire (report, video).

ABC's Gary Langer looks at the final round of horserace numbers in Iowa and points out that "somebody"s wrong."

Wall Street Journal "Numbers Guy" Carl Bialik has a nice summary of "Iowa"s Caucus Math."

And the Washington Post's Jon Cohen reminds us something important about the soon-to-be-obsessed over entrance poll: "even exit (or entrance) polls are still only polls." He also points out that the question format used to measure party identification on the exit poll may yield slightly different results than the question asked on most telephone surveys.