07/22/2008 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Weekend "Outliers" (Illustrated!)

[Brought to you on Monday morning due to a Sunday evening power outage...]

Gary Langer and the ABC Polling Unit chart Obama's ascent in delegates and popular votes:


Poblano has the "magic number" for Obama to clinch the nomination under eight different scenarios for seating (or not seating) the Florida and MIchigan delegations.

Carl Bialik weights in on the post IN-NC primary math.

Jay Cost looks at the map and its potential impact on popular vote counts and says "not quite yet:"


The JedReport (via Sullivan) notices that official results from Ohio (with provisional votes counted) cut Clinton's margin to 9% an adds another 26,022 votes to Obama's popular vote total.

Marc Ambinder reviews the first Atlantic Election Map of the cycle.

John Sides plots the percentage of Democrats voting for the Democratic nominee since 1952:


Frank Newport reviews Karl Rove's review of Gallup's data.

Carl Bialik also sees a blind spot on polls to assess drunk driving.