06/18/2008 06:08 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Whatcha Got "Outliers"

Marist pollster Lee Miringoff shares memories of Tim Russert.

And Peter Hart remembers Russert's role in creating the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll.

Mark Mellman sees the underlying fundamentals as "tremendous assets" for Barack Obama.

Kathy Frankovic asks whether voters can look beyond partisanship in judgements about the economy.

Gary Langer and Jon Cohen review the ABC/Post results on the Supreme Court's Guantnamo Bay decision.

Jennifer Agiesta has all the numbers for independents from the ABC/Post poll.

Brian Schaffner ponders what Jim Webb would add to the Democratic ticket.

Chris Bowers compares Obama's trajectory to Kerry's.

John Sides looks back to analysis from the 1980s for a reality check on "Reagan Democrats."

David Hill says campaigners, and pollsters, should do less instant analysis and more thinking.

Frank Newport reprises his public opinion quiz.

Patrick Murray blogs on New Jersey's summer polls.

And if you haven't seen the GraphJam charts yet, take a mental health break and click through (via Sullivan).