06/11/2010 05:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

World Cup 'Outliers'

Gallup finds Hispanic voter preferences unchanged after passage of the Arizona immigration law.

Jennifer Agiesta reviews the Post/ABC data on opinions on Afghanistan

Mike Mokrzycki finds support for Elena Kagan in line with previous nominees.

John Sides examines whether if race or ballot order explains Alvin Greene's suprise win in South Carolina; Tom Schaller catches a whiff of "something fishy."

Tom Jensen reminds us that Vic Rawl was almost totally unknown in South Carolina.

Neil Newhouse, Stan Greenberg and Carroll Doherty discuss voter anger and the 2010 elections at a National Journal panel.
Chris Bowers doesn't buy a new Gallup poll greater concern about the deficit than other issues.

National Journal's Republican insiders think the oil spill will help them in November; On Call has more.

Kristen Soltis returns for season three of "The Right Idea"

Harry Enten critiques a Nate Silver analysis of the relationship between divorce and same sex marriage.

Slate launches a new "polling" feature that asks readers for predictions "about stuff in the news."

Connecticut likes both the Yankees and Red Sox.

Nate Silver is thinking about soccer