03/06/2013 04:54 pm ET Updated May 06, 2013

10 Reasons to Watch Nashville

If you're not watching Nashville every Wednesday night on ABC, you're just plain crazy. It is, by far, the best new show of the 2012-2013 season and the critics agree. If that isn't enough, I have ten very good reasons you should be watching one of the best new dramas to debut in the past few years.

1. The Eye Candy.

If you're a lady (or a gay), it doesn't matter how old you are, there is a hot guy for you to lust after at any age. Jonathon Jackson who was cute on General Hospital is all grown up and looking fine as hell. Without A Trace vet and super-hottie Eric Close co-stars as well as Charles Esten, who is apparently pushing fifty and is hotter than most 30-year-olds I've seen recently. But the breakout hottie on Nashville is by far Sam Palladio, who plays Gunner, an up-and-coming country music singer who has all of the ladies in Nashville swooning.

If you're a guy and you're looking for a little eye candy, I have two words for you: Hayden Panettiere.

2. It's like Dallas meets Glee.

I mean, of course, when Glee was actually good, like two years ago. When Powers Boothe breezes in from time to time with a JR Ewing air about him (mainly because he's always saying mean things in a Southern accent and planning hostile government takeovers) and then they burst into song, it's the best of both worlds really.

3. The Music.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of country music, but Nashville kind of rocks it out in that department. There's a little bit of something for everyone. There's of course country, but also pop, rock and soul. If you really love country, check out or download the duets between Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen. They sing straight from the heart and their lyrics will literally rip yours out.

4. Connie Britton.

Whether it's American Horror Story, Friday Night Lights or Nashville, the woman can literally do no wrong. She not only brings her A-game (as always) but has an amazing voice to boot.

5. If You Hate Kimberly Williams Paisley, This Is The Show For You.

I have nothing against her and think she's lovely. I also secretly want to sleep with her husband... which I guess isn't a secret anymore. But as if According to Jim wasn't bad enough (I still don't understand how that show was on for as long as it was), now this über-talented actress is stuck playing "the other woman" to Connie Britton's husband Eric Close. We love you KWP, but we need to get you in a likable role, because you're such a talented actress. However, if you're not a fan of hers like I am, she really is the character you love to hate on Nashville.

6. The Culture References.

I don't know if Hayden Panettiere is supposed to be playing a version of Taylor Swift or Britney Spears circa 2003 or Miranda Lambert, but girl is NAILING pretty much being all three of them. In a matter of a half a season she has been married for a millisecond, was caught stealing from a drugstore, bitched about everything to everyone and some of her tunes sounds a little reminiscent of Taylor Swift's early work. Needless to say, Panettiere has basically created a new super bitch hybrid of every pop diva since 2000 and plays it flawlessly.

7. The Bedroom Hopping.

Shows where people are sleeping around are always fun because you get to see guys with their shirts off and it's just like real life. But the merry-go-round of bedroom hoping on Nashville would make even the most loyal soap opera enthusiast's head explode. Will Rayna chose Liam, Deacon or Teddy? I don't know, but I can't wait to find out!

8. Charles Esten.

Did I mention how hot he is? I can't take it.

9. People Like People From The South.

I think people who don't actually live in the south are fascinated by it, which makes Nashville a winner. There's something about southern hospitality and the fact that they say "oh, bless your heart" instead of "go f+++ yourself" that makes everything a little nicer in the south.

10. It's Just Good.

It's a brand new show, with an original script, story and tons of original music that's not a crappy reality TV program or game show. That's reason enough to tune in, if you ask me.

There you have it! All of the reasons you should be tuning into Nashville every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself. You'll be hooked!