07/16/2014 10:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Change, Dance and Hoover: It's Just About... Life


It might not seem like three words in the title of this blog belong together, but for some strange reason they do. And remember three is a magic number.

One of the former CEOs of the PepsiCo corporation used these words as part of a report to reveal the secret of his success for helping to improve profits of the corporation. He said, "love change, learn to dance and leave J. Edgar Hoover behind." Marc Allen took that phrase and made it one of the keys in his book, The Millionaire Course.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional. Change will happen, everything will change, but if you embrace it and are open to it, then life can change for you. Life and change are intertwined, nothing stays the same, though we want it to, you must adapt, accept and find the way to make those changes your friend, your partner.

Which is why "learn to dance" is all about partnership. The greatest successes in life do not come not from going it alone, the most incredible solo performances are a facade, there was definitely someone else, or even a team that helped train, shape or teach that person to enable them to accomplish a feat the world marvels at, or to even change the world. So dance with people, work with them to give them what they need, find the win-win solutions to every problem, or obstacle and encourage and motivate them and yourself, to be remarkable.

Then there's J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was the legendary director of the FBI and he ruled with an iron fist, a top-down mentality where he had the power, he had control and everyone else was on a rung lower, sometimes much lower, on the ladder of power and success. That type of rule doesn't work anymore. As Marc Allen describes in is book, you need to "flatten the pyramid," in business and in life. Work in partnership with employees, or with family, with those closest to you to find solutions, to come up with the answers that are right and for the greatest good of all.


There's such a great lesson in all of this to truly embrace the inevitable which is change, find a way to grow and adapt to it, find others who will help keep you in step, who will dance with you, who will partner with you, who will share your vision to create something truly incredible.

And remember to leave Hoover behind. Work in service to others, find those who share your vision and consider their thoughts and ideas. It's not the me-first, you-follow mentality, but living in partnership with all which can truly change the world.

Love change, learn to dance and leave J. Edgar Hoover behind.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time.