High in Hawaii

02/04/2014 05:56 pm ET Updated Apr 06, 2014

Wouldn't you have thought that Hawaii would have been the FIRST U.S. State to legalize pot?

Well, they weren't, and its not, but you CAN get high in the Islands -- about 5,000 feet to be exact.

We did it in an open cockpit, throwback Biplane. It was like barnstorming volcanoes and waterfalls on a cherry red Harley.

We met our pilot, Kevin, at Tropical Biplanes at Lihue airport on the Garden Isle of Kaua'i. He gave us a quick safety briefing, then we climbed in and soared over paradise.

What a great way to start -- or finish -- a tropical vacation. Kevin has piloted everything from wedding proposals to geriatric thrill rides. Not a bad day job, eh?

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