01/11/2013 10:32 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

More Things To Know

Because sometimes seven and a half things are just not enough things to know, here are a few more:

Giant hedge fund SAC Capital braces for investors to pull out funds. Why so squeamish now, investors? (WSJ, with paywall)

American Express is cutting a bunch of jobs. (Bloomberg)

Great news, long-term unemployed, long-term unemployment is showing just the teensiest bit of improvement. (WSJ, with paywall)

BATS Global Markets warns that it might have more problems than just four years' worth of bad trades. (WSJ, with paywall)

The Herbalife strikes back! (WSJ, with paywall)

California's budget deficit is all gone! Sort of! (Reuters, Sacramento Bee)

The GOP would like to ask Jack Lew a few questions, about the budget. (WSJ, with paywall)

All your Supervalu are belong to Cerberus. (Bloomberg)