07/26/2013 01:57 pm ET Updated Sep 25, 2013

Is Anthony Weiner the Next Nelson Mandela?

On the day Prince George was born I appeared on Fox News 11's flagship morning show, Good Day LA. I caught host Steve Edwards a little off guard with my opening comment about whether the not-yet-born child of the Prince William and Princess Kate could become the next Nelson Mandela.

The idea is about Anthony Weiner as the next Nelson Mandela highlights how far we have fallen when we're actually considering electing someone who couldn't resist an impulse on multiple occasions that caused shame and humiliation to the people who love and support him while on the other side of the world we have someone who is about to leave the world's stage who was imprisoned for 27 years, resisted retaliation after he was released and became president of everyone including those who had imprisoned him.

Here's the rub, there doesn't appear to be another Heartfelt Leader who "Dares to Care" waiting in the wings on the world stage to replace Nelson Mandela when he dies. He made the world better than he found it, but without people like him he may leave the world worse than he found it.

And here's that challenge.

Nelson Mandela is not scalable.

And here's the sad truth, if not about leaders, but about the rest of us.

We will forgive almost anyone for anything if they perform well and we need what they can do for us.