04/21/2015 02:35 pm ET Updated Jun 21, 2015

Keeping Them Honest -- Doing a CAT Scan on Political Candidates

Well it looks like political candidates are starting their engines as they set themselves up to race towards political office including of course the big prize... President of the United States.

Already we are hearing stories of "flip flopping" and I for one find it disheartening.

I am in a time in my life that unless I can come up with solutions, I don't want to use up the airspace with complaints.

So here it goes. The Candidate Accountability Test Scan (CAT Scan).

It's a work in progress and I invite you to join in refining it or even tearing it apart and replacing it with something better. But please, don't YOU stay part of the problem without becoming part of the solution.

This CAT Scan is composed of the following questions to political candidates:

  1. Constituency - if elected, what constituency (not party) will you be serving?
  2. Wisdom - what do you conclude is most important (next four years), critical (next two years) and urgent (next year) to that constituency? Please keep us posted and current on what you are discovering and deciding.
  3. Judgment - how and why did you come to those conclusions and come to select those as the most important, critical and urgent matters concerning your constituency?
  4. Integrity - going forward, in the event that you don't do those things that you have committed to in the time frame you have committed to, how should your constituency act with you to get you back on track?
  5. Character - in the event that you run into people who don't agree with what you believe is most important, critical and urgent to your constituency how will you stand up to them?
  6. Courage - in the event that people try to hurt those in your constituency, how will you stop them?

The more confused or confusing a candidate's answers to this, the less they are really serving their constituency and the more they are governing according to what is in the best interest of their party or special interests that donated funds to get them elected.

What do you think?