07/06/2010 11:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Heroes in Fighting Youth Homelessness - Safe Place

If you've been following me on Twitter it's no secret that I love Safe Place. Last year before I took off on a road trip they contacted me and offered to help. The first place they connected me to was Nevada Partnership of Homeless Youth. Here is a link to one of our very first live interviews. I was literally floored when I heard about "families downsizing."

Maybe you've seen a Safe Place sign in your neighborhood. I know whenever I see one, I smile. It's really a very cool and simple idea. When teens have a problem often they don't have anyplace to go. When a kid sees this sign they know that it is a "safe place" for them and they will be connected to real help. Gosh, I wonder how much that would have changed me when I was raising hell as a teenager?

This summer I will be visiting several Safe Place organizations around the country. Youth homelessness is a very serious crisis that gets little publicity. My hope is that my visits will not only support the local organizations but bring some light to youth homelessness on a national and international level.

This morning I had the honor of interviewing Chrissy Marzano who works at the national office.

I love this short Safe Place PSA:

PSA -- Safe Place's text for help program:

Please support Safe Place at both the national and local levels. I am excited to be visiting a few this summer including the national office. You can follow Safe Place on Twitter here

Very special thanks to David Lee for the Wetoku hookup.