07/29/2010 02:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

State of Utah Will End Homelessness

I recently met a wonderful woman at a senior homeless facility that was recently opened by the state of Utah. Marian was homeless in Reno, then lived in a shelter, before going into the new facility.

Some say we are soon to see a "Silver Tsunami." I am so glad people in Utah are actually taking action. This hits close to home for many -- me included.

I am not speaking negatively in my life, I am simply being real. I am 49 and I don't have a 401k, equity in a house, savings and right now no income. I know I have been close to homeless for the last two years. But as I get older, homelessness is a very real reality. I don't trip on it too much. Besides, I'll just move to Salt Lake City.

Last year, the state of Utah invited me to visit. I mean, you must be doing something right to get a state government to notice you. But then again, Utah's homeless services is so cutting edge that it makes sense they'd support In the interview below when I asked Matthew Minkevitch to give advice to other homeless service providers he said "embrace change." If you hear nothing else, please hear that.

I love visiting here, and I genuinely think the world of Lloyd Pendleton. The man basically came out of retirement to champion a ten year plan to end homelessness that I believe will work. Watch this interview with Lloyd and Matthew. It's great stuff. I cannot help but leave Utah thinking that homelessness can be solved.