04/06/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Some of the Best Activists in America

Here are three questions for Huffington Post readers:

Who brought the recycling movement into kitchens across America?

Who were among the most influential proponents for protecting endangered species?

Who showed the promise of the Obama campaign to millions of voters?

Any parent who's been chided for not separating plastic from paper, asked to donate money to save polar bears or handed Obama campaign literature at the dinner table knows the answer.

Kids in the United States, propelled by a sense of idealism and hope, combined with a unique ability to imagine an even greater and fairer nation (and world) have been the catalysts for some of the most successful movements in recent years.

And with a technological revolution that brings almost all the information in the world to their fingertips and an ability to communicate with millions of their peers, youth activism is becoming one of the most powerful forces in our culture.

Now this phenomenon can mobilize for its greatest cause yet: each other.

Today, 1 in 6 kids lives in poverty in America, the statistical emblem of a crisis that reaches every part of the country and kids of every age.

Last week, Save the Children's U.S. Programs launched a new campaign -- k2kUSA -- that we hope is the start of a movement to connect and empower kids to take on the childhood poverty crisis and ensure a fair chance in life for all kids.

- k2kUSA is about all kids uniting and helping each other, not rich kids helping poor kids.

- k2kUSA is about kids engaging adults, not kids versus adults.

- k2kUSA instills the value of intra-generational responsibility at the youngest ages.

- k2kUSA is about giving every kid the same chance for success in life.

The project is just in its infancy but k2kUSA already has some simple actions kids can take, such as a short quiz on childhood poverty, through which Scholastic is donating books to kids who need them for every completed set of questions.

Facebook is the centerpiece for connecting in the campaign ( so kids can sign up now and learn about the challenges too many kids in America face and play a role in making change.

And, of course, adults who support the cause can join as Facebook fans too.

To get this campaign started, go to k2kUSA, sign up as our Facebook fan ( and get all the kids in your life engaged and signed up too.

With technology, passion and an important cause, the time has come for a kids advocacy movement with the potential to make real and lasting change for the next generation of Americans.