05/05/2015 02:03 pm ET Updated May 05, 2016

News of the Universe

We live in a global culture addicted to the noise of how things fall apart. Yet all the while, things are quietly coming together as well. It's not about good news or bad news, but having access to whole news. This poem explores what's below the noise.

News of the Universe

The thousand alarms we hear each day are
only half the news. There's no avoiding this
but it's the other half we need. Today--light
from a star that died 30,000 years ago arrived
so softly, it brought a child out of hiding. Today--
the song from the beginning rimmed the ear of
a broken man in time to loosen his hand on
the trigger. Today--a mountain in India held
its face to the sun despite all that it's seen and
the expedition so furious to climb to the top
forgot why. Today--someone with nothing helped
someone with everything off their knees. Today--
the best of us cracked its seed way under ground,
under all the trouble, under all the things falling
apart. Today--all the tears in the world watered
that seed. Today--the breath of the Universe
arrived as wind to awaken the Earth,
making everything possible, again.

A Question to Walk With: Report on the news of wholeness happening around you. Tell the story of something coming together to a loved one or a friend.

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