02/19/2013 05:51 pm ET Updated Apr 21, 2013

Come With Me

I was on retreat, in deep silence and solitude, when I felt a moment of great aliveness and a sudden want to share that sense. It led to this poem, which I thought was a song for company. It was only upon reading it later that I realized that the voice of the poem was a call from my soul for me to spend more time with it.

Come With Me

I can't be more in love with life.
And still, your eyes crack me wider.
It's more than I can stand, if not for
the flower of all time slipping from
my mouth when all words fail. Come
with me to the ledge I've found within.
You can see the valley below where the
greatest minds have all been shattered
by love. I am so at peace on that ledge,
halfway between life and death. This
sweetness is like a nail of light that
pins me to the moment we have.
Come, please. I can't stand
all this wonder by myself.

A Question to Walk With: A month ago, we discussed the notion that everyone has their own genius, their own attendant spirit. What is your attendant spirit, your soul asking of you today?

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